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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Still on a making kick!

I'm on a crafting mission at the moment.

I had a new delivery of roving wool on tuesday, so i have been doing more spinning. I really love the colours on this corriedale wool.

These pictures make the colours look a little washed out, but believe me they are so jewel-like and beautiful. Keira wants some of this wool plaited into her hair for her Prom.

I have also been crocheting. I have finished Keiras blanket, and moved on to Imogens.

I'm using  different stitch this time. I am using Crochet Geeks abstract cat afghan crochet pattern.  It can be found here:

Im liking the way it is working up. Imogen chose her colours.

Also last week, i got the urge to make a friend a last minute birthday gift. I had bought her a colouring book and some new pencils, but i felt she needed something to put her new pencils in.

So I made this:

I had everything in my fabric box already, and i had thought for a while that the fabric was perfect for her, I just hadnt thought of a project for them both. Everything fell into place and she was so pleased with her gift. It made me smile.

Chick Update: They look like eggs.  But we are edging closer to the exciting days.

5 days to go! 

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