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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Chilly Chillies!

Well, heatless at least.

I know, it is march (already!!), and i am a bit late getting my chillis started. I dont usually grow chillis, because the family are a bit averse to spicy hot food. I include myself in that, because athough i love the spicy flavours, i really dont like feeling like my mouth (and then my bottom!) is on fire. Call me weird.

I do love the flavour of a good chilli though. So i looked around, and i found these heatless varieties from

They even came with a handy set of instructions.

I planted them up as per their instructions, and popped them in my new heated propagator, which I bought from ALDI for £12.99  last week.  It will live on the windowledge of my conservatory, tucked behind my wall unit so that the kids dont mess with it.

So hopefully this summer we will have some nice sweet mild chillis and everyone can stop complaining that their tongue is stinging!!

You may have spotted my plant labels in the above picture. I dont buy plant labels. They always get lost or blown away or kids run off with them to do goodness knows what with (Why do they even want them?). The joys of a young imagnation.

plant labels. Yes. Thats where i was. I make mine out of empty milk bottles. The big 2 litre ones usually, because we go though a mammoth amount of milk.
I just cut them up until i have strips. Nothing fancy to it. It serves two purposes. I am too cheap to buy labels, and fewer milk bottles end up clogging up my recycle bin. Win / win!

I hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday!

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