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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hatching Day!

The most exciting of all days!

Yesterday evening, we had a pip. A little hole in the egg where the chick has used its egg tooth to crack the surface slightly. Exciting!

But... when i got up this morning, nothing had changed. Disappointed face.

About 9:30 though, this had happened.

The crack grew wider as the chicken unzipped (or slowly pecked with its egg tooth in an anticlockwise direction around the egg)

And he's out!

 He hatched around 10:30 am

The white spot on his head declares this one a boy.

Here he is!

The second to hatch was egg no4, and this one looks to be a girl, but we will see better when she's dried out a bit.

Hey Bro! Get off my egg! I'm trying to hatch here!

I'll update here as the others hatch.


2 boys and a girl so far. 1 more egg to go. So far the remaining egg has had a few wobbles, but no cracks have appeared yet.

So we are all hatched out. 2 boys. 2 girls and 2 that didnt develop.

That seems to be a pretty typical hatch rate for me. The past couple of years i ended up with a chick that died at the hatching stage, which didnt happen this time, so thats a bonus!

I have another batch of eggs here ready to go in, so the incubator wont be empty for long. I'll get it washed and sterilised and on the go again!

I'll put up a new post with cute chick pictures.

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