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Saturday, 16 February 2019

As is normal for me, I didnt do any of these exercises in the right order (You can't tell me what to do!). So here is the article, entitled Your  First Writing Practice 
This was a tough one for me, i really overthouhgt it, which led to me dismissing tings i may have put in and running out of time. But here it is. Enjoy! Dont forget to leave me your thoughts in the comments section.

Writing Practice

15 minutes

A young woman/ man stumbles across a body in the woods. What does he/she do?

She always ran at dawn. That thin circle of gold along the horizon always lifted her spirits, contrasting starkly with the black outlines of trees and buildings. Her trainers crunched on the gravel of the poorly packed country road, the sound unnaturally loud in the stillness before the world woke.

She took sharp right into the treeline, feet sure upon the track she had coursed a hundred times before. It was cold that morning, and she could see her breath misting briefly in front of her, before she passed through it briskly. She knew these woods well and even in the half light she could pick her way easily, around a boulder here, over a tree root there and … .

She roused from darkness, confused. What had happened? Pulling herself to seated, she looked around. Behind her, half on the track and half in the undergrowth, was a leg. A naked, soiled human leg. She crawled closer, tentatively reached out, pulled back the undergrowth and emptied her stomach on the forest floor.

The body was half clothed, but in a way that would have been more decent had it been left naked. In her mind it remained an it. It had to, lest she vomit again. Bloodied, bruised,broken, it looked like parts had come unhinged under flesh now cold. She fumbled in her waistbelt for her phone. She always carried it, her family insisted, although it worked better as an exercise tracker than a phone out here. Still, she prayed for signal as she tapped in 9-9-9.

Either, Neither, Or and Nor

As promised, here is the first of my writing exercises from The Write Practice. I did this one sat in my car outside college while eating my lunch.  The exercise explains the correct use of Either, Neither, Or and Nor and then suggests a writing practice based on the principles. Fun eh? Have a read of mine and leave me a comment in the comments section below. Maybe even copy and paste, or leave a link to your rendition?

Writing Practice

20 mins

Tell us about a disastrous camping trip. Use either/or or neither/nor to establish how much your main characters would rather be anywhere else.

“ Whose crappy idea was this?”

It had been raining for a full week. We had seen neither sun nor blue skies since we pulled up in front of the club house in our mustard Volvo, laden down with our camping gear on the roof rack like a small mobile mountain. We had faced two choices, we could either turn around and go home, or make the most of it. We chose the latter.

Now, staring at the closed sign on the club house door, we wondered what to do next. Each evening since we arrived, we had huddled together at the bar, with a drink and a plate of chips. We watched the cheesy entertainers vie for giggles and guffaws from the wet, irritated campers. Karaoke, mouse racing (one wondered where they found so many mice), cabaret acts; we had them all. Until tonight. Tonight the windows stood black. All as quiet.

With a collective sigh, we trudged back to the tents to find that one had collapsed, either from the abundance of rain on its roof, or someone kicking out the guy rope in the dark. We couldn't tell which. In any case, neither my husband no I felt like tackling it in the dark, so we huddled into the pup tent with the kids.

“Why did you insist we camp?” hubby said.

“Because I couldn't book either the log cabins or the mobile homes, they were full! We talked about this!”

“Why did we bloody have to come here at all? Neither camping, nor the rain appeals to me at all! Why couldn't we have gone somewhere warm and sunny? Either Spain or Greece would have suited me fine. I could have been basking in the sun and working on my tan.”

“Oh come on babe, you know very well that you like neither flying on a plane nor foreign food. You say it gives you dodgy belly.”

He sighed, and stared blankly through the unzipped tent flap into the cold, wet trees. It was going to be a long cold night. I hoped he would wake in the morning in a better mood.

Remember me?

Hi, Remember me?

Its been a while, and it has been a pretty eventful while, but I'm not ready to talk about my adventures just yet. Things are still too up in the air for me to put anything down in type.

I have, however, been playing around with creative writing recently. I havent written creatively since I left college at 18, other than the odd really crappy poem during my emo angsty early 20s. I still cant read those without wanting to vomit. At that time I chose a business degree (that i didnt finish) over an english degree (that i thought i wouldnt be able to make any money from).  That was a really long time and 4 kids ago (one of whom is now an adult herself!)

I've started small. I am doing the creative writing practice exercises from . One of the things they recommed is to publish, and publish regularly. Which reminded me of my blog here, lonely and unloved, abandonded in the hubub that has been our lives of late. So i decided to revive it, and torture my tiny audience with the word vomit that is my tentative steps back into the hobby of creative writing.

Sorry. You can hit unsubscribe if you like. But id really like it if you would read and let me know what you think. Just be gentle with me.

If you stick with me I will be uploading here my efforts, and with each blog posts, i will link back to to the original article at so if you want to give it a go too, you can!

Are you with me?

Sunday, 25 September 2016


It is still really quite warm here, but the evenings are shorter, ad there is a slight nip in the air.
The days, while pleasant are fresher, less muggy.

I am enjoying the cooler days, still pleasant to be outside without jumper or coat, but not sweaty (that makes me grouchy).

My nana passed away on the equinox. She had been battling lung disease for  long time, and she fought a most courageous fight. She passed peacefully with her family around her, possibly the most beautiful way she could. I am proud of my aunt and my mother for being there for her, right to the end.

Her passing was a poignant reminder that life, like the seasons, has a beginning and an end and that the passing of time changes for no one.

I look to the days ahead, to saying goodbye and celebrating her life with the rest of my family.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Plot update!

It was a beautiful day on Sunday, so i headed out to my sorely neglected allotment plot. I love this place, it is my sanctuary, but i havent had enough time for it as of late.  I took my petrol mower with me and gave it a good mow, so it at least looks neater now. I also planted sweetcorn, green beans, beetroot and shallots ( a bit late i know). The Rhubarb is doing brilliantly!

The Gooseberries are showing great promise too! There were also lots of flowers on our strawberries.

We have a new family of Blue Tits living in Tristans nestbox on the shed too!

I love this time of year, everything is going great guns.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Chickens! Round 2

We had our new batch  hatch out today. Well, all bar one. That little egg is looking pretty lonely in the incubator all by itself.  I will give it another few days, we often have a straggler.

Here are some pics of the hatch!

The bigger babies are in their gangly, awkward teenage phase. But they are still oh so cute and curious!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Catch up!

We are in the midst of Easter holiday madness here.

All 4 kids are off school, and we have been spending time as a family.

We went and saw the baby lambs at Broadlees Farm in Dover last Tuesday.  The children really enjoyed cuddling the baby lambs, and We even got to see one being born!

The chicks are growing well. They are at that gangly half-feathered stage where they look awkward and mangy, but they are beautiful nonetheless.

And I sneaked some more eggs into the incubator. They should be hatching on Saturday!

I've also been doing some fixing around the garden. Hubby helped me finish off the boarding around the base of chickenopolis and filled it with bark chippings. I didnt get any pictures of it though, because i was busy repairing and painting these planters that my parents gave to me a few years ago. I neglected them and they were really on their last legs, but now after new sills, a few nails and some wood treatment, they will last many more years!

 My friends husband has kindly offered to work with me at my allotment this year, as i am finding it a little overwhelming now i am back at work. He roped in my friends kids as well, who did a fab job of getting the place ship shape. I have these "in progress" pics, i need to get some better ones of how everything is going. They have been a godsend!

So what has everyone been up to over the holidays?