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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Chicken Upgrade!!

Well, their home anyway.

The big chickens got a new run at the weekend.

Its been sat in my shed since October waiting to go up, but we finally got around to putting it up.

Old Set up:

Pros: Moveable

Cons: Too low
           Have to dismantle the run every time i need to clean it.
           Narrow. The chickens always pill their water everywhere trying to get past each other, which              waterlogs the floor of the run.
           Pretty broken now to be honest.  The coop is salvageable, but i think the run will end up on the            allotment as seed protection.

New Set up:

Pros:  Walk in! Much easier for cleaning. Birds have the use of the height of the run as well as the                  length and width.  I will be installing chicken furniture soon for them to climb on.
           More space means they are less likely to push past each other and knock their water                              everywhere.
           I can deep litter the floor of this run as it is a permanent structure that wont need dismantling              every couple of weeks. This should make cleaning easier.
           More sturdy.  The old one was getting very rickety and all of the catches that held it together              were either broken, or heading that way rapidly. This new run will be much more secure.

It as a lovely day on Friday, so i just decided to go for it.
                                                                       Nymphadora likes to sit on the top of  the coop. I think                                                                       she likes that she can see everything from up there. Speckles                                              cant quite figure out how she manages it.

Imogen said she would help.

But I think it might have been too much for her.

The frame was finished on Friday, but I had to stop there.

Saturday saw me wrangling with chicken wire. My hands are shredded, but we got the main body of the run done.

Sunday we got the ends on, Pressure washed the courtyard underneath and got the girls settled into their new home.

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