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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Plot Lines

Plot lines.

So much happened during my blogging absence, that I’ll have to fill you in slowly. One of those momentous changes was my plot.

I went from this:

(Dec 2010)

To This!

(Aug 2012)

It’s a much bigger space to work with, which in some ways is good, and some ways it isn’t.

I like having the extra space to pan projects for, but it is much much harder keeping on top of such a big project, and because of this, my pot always looks pretty shabby, especially in the middle of growing season when everything is growing faster than I can deal with it.

Im hoping to show you all more here as time goes on. Maybe as the season gets started I’ll do a weekly plot pick, as some of my favourite bloggers like and  do regularly.

If nothing else, showing you all might get me to tidy the place up a bit!

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