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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Chickachick- Ah!

Up above we have these guys brooder. I only had a little box, i will get them  bigger one over the next couple of days. One cheeky chap has popped out from under the brooding plate to have a look around.

I prefer to use a brooding plate rather than a heat lamp for my chicks.  I feel it gives them a more natural experience, as hiding under a mother hen they would be warm and cosy and dark.

The brooder plate also uses less electricity than a traditional heat lamp, at only 20watts. There is also less risk of it causing a fire, which is a really big concern of mine as they are in my house.

They will stay in here for a few weeks, after which i will transition them with their brooding plate to the outside coop, separate from the older ladies until they are of a size when they can hold their own

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