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Saturday, 16 May 2009

My garden!

Its taken a while, but our garden is finally safe for the children to play in! All the junk has been taken away, and dare i say it, it looks rather pleasant!
We just have to plant up the bed now and all will be right with the world!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

We are having another blue one!

We had our scan on Wednesday (I know, i know, i'm slow at this) and it showed a healthy, happy baby boy!
We are thrilled, and i am looking forward to being a boy mummy again.
Keira however was more than a little put out.
She has been bugging me for a little sister since she learned to talk, and found out on Wednesday that she was never going to get one. It was a bitersweet moment for her.
She came around quite quickly though. I think she is intending on trying to turn them into her personal bodyguards! Lol
How much she has to learn!

Keiras birthday Weekend.

Well I had to work. But only until 3pm, but she still had to wait until i got home before the fun could begin, because i am a mean mommy like that!

She opened her presents, and we headed to my parents house for a BBQ to make the most of the beautiful weather. Oliver was feeling a little snuffly ( which later turned into hospitalisation, but thats a whole other post!) but he seemed to enjoy the sunshine too.