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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Easter Sunday

I know this is all said and done now, but the school holidays are a little manic here with 4 kids, so i havent had time to get this down on the blog. I thought about just writing one big post, but we have been doing bits and bobs here and there and it would be nice for it all to not get lost in the chaos.

There was a craft market on in Ramsgate, so The girls thought we would come and check it out. There werent that many stalls, so it didnt take us very long. We had paid 90 minutes parking, so what else could we do?

 Ye Olde sweetie shop was open, so we got a bag of sweeties for everyone!

Then we took a walk along the seafront

 To the beach!

 Keira and Imogen were looking for shells, but it was too windy ad they kept getting sand in their eyes.

 "Its too cold!!" Cried Imogen. Her lovely big sis lent her her hoodie. Aww!

I think that walk tired her out!

How was your Easter?

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